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The Bhartiya Kranti Vir Party is today
the most prominent member of the family of organizations known as the nurtured. its intrinsic identity, and the social strength, individual character and cultural uniqueness that have been the hallmark of this great country and its people for millennia.

History is the philosophy of nations. Here was a great civilization whose influence and imprint spread from one end of the Indian Ocean to the other. It weathered the storms of invaders, from the Greeks to the Huns, from the Shakas to the Islamic armies. It fought and resisted external oppression and its essential civilization and culture survived great challenges and attempts at effacement.
In the present century, the good work has been carried, It believes in the principle of: “Justice for all and appeasement of none”. It has no doubt about Hindu identity and culture is the mainstay of the Indian nation and of Indian society. This identity and this culture inform all Indians, irrespective of religious or denominational faith. To all Indians, irrespective of religious background, notwithstanding their mode and place of worship, are equal.